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Sworded Stories of Battles and Bastards

Personal work - Doodles and illustrations of fun times playing Dungeons and Dragons

Andy foltz the near demise of rothar

The Near Demise of Rothar the Pirate

Andy foltz how to up armor a rat

How to Up-Armor a Rat

Andy foltz door

"Secret" Door

Andy foltz elbow

Epic Elbow

Andy foltz fieryreaction

Pocket Fire

Andy foltz raticus

Friends for Life

Andy foltz notefrombugbearjr

Gift Note from Bugbear Jr.

Andy foltz codpiece

Prized Codpiece

Andy foltz yaargh

Codpiece Critical Fail

Andy foltz study

A Wizard's Study

Andy foltz swordenchating


Andy foltz 04 surprise motherfuckers

Surprise Motherfuckers!

Andy foltz 05 he might hear our plan

"He might hear our plan"

Andy foltz 06 very vascular zorash

Very Vascular Zorash

Andy foltz 10 nuked by god

Nuked by God